Here are some of our SPECIALS, We love to combine work to better serve you and save you money!!

At Grand Junction Appliances we would love to earn your business, one way we have done this so successfully is by combining some of our services to help drive down the cost of things, for you, our customers. We will gladly work to tailor any specific program or maintenance routine that may better serve you and your houses needs. Please call today, feel free to communicate with us your request and how we may assist you and your family.  

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Winterization SPECIALS

Our Factory Trained Technicians can winterize your swamp cooler for a low fixed price. We will close up your cooler, shut down the water and get you ready for winter. $49.99

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Our Factory Trained Technicians will get you ready for winter by checking your heating system for efficiency, while cleaning and servicing the unit, filters and more. $59.99

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Our Factory Trained Technicians will winterize your swamp cooler  as well as service your heating system for one low fixed price giving you piece of mind for the winter $89.99

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Stove & Oven Calibration 

Our Factory Trained Technicians can not only clean and service your cook top, stove and or oven, but will calibrate your thermostats while ensuring maximum efficiency for your cooking pleasure. $59.99

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Refrigerator Service

Our Factory Trained technicians will not only change your water filters, but clean your condenser coils and check the operational efficiency of your refrigerator giving you piece of mind and LOWER utility cost. $69.99

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Full Kitchen Service

Our Factory Technicians will, calibrate & service your stove/oven, clean and service your refrigerator as well, clean and service your garbage disposal, dishwasher and trash compactor all for one low price $99.99

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"Routine Maintenance"

Sadly our Appliances don't always tell us when they are needing maintenance, usually the sign comes in the form of an appliance that just quits working. However it is critical with all appliances to maintain some type of continual preventative maintenance. Not only does maintenance help preserve your appliances, but also significantly reduces your utilities cost, especially with refrigeration units (Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners). Don't wait until your appliance stops working to call, take advantage of these specials TODAY!! CALL (970) 462-2658

What our customers are saying

I never knew how important it was, or what a difference it makes to have my fridge coils cleaned and my dishwasher serviced. The dishes are cleaner than ever and there is no more mildew smell. Thanks so much Tim. 

Jennifer S. Palisade CO

Professional Service Guaranteed!!!

As a Home Advisor Pro, our Factory Trained & Certified Technicians will not only give you the best, most trusted service & repairs, but the comfort of knowing you are dealing with Pre-Screened Professional Individuals each step of the way.

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