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Heater & Furnace Repair, Service & Installations. OUR GUARANTEE If we service/repair your heater/furnace we will guarantee it all winter long. If for any reason you need us to come back out, or you have any additional "issues" with your heater/furnace, we will come back out for FREE! No diagnostic fees, no service call fees, you just pay parts & labor (if needed), Nights, Weekends, Holiday we have you covered!!!

 We are confident in our work/service we stand behind everything we do. 

(970) 462-2658

Professional Service Guaranteed!!! 

As a Home Advisor Pro, our Factory Trained & Certified Technicians will not only give you the best, most trusted service & repairs, but the comfort of knowing you are dealing with Pre-Screened Professional Individuals each step of the way.

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Veteran Owned

We take great pride in everything we do and are experts at our jobs. We give the BEST rate, the BEST warranty and overall BEST service. Thanks in part to our leadership and factory trained technicians.

BEST Prices Guaranteed 

We will beat ANYONE'S prices Guaranteed. Day, Night, Weekend, Holidays. We are often HALF the price of other companies in the Valley. Get the BEST prices Guaranteed.

Factory Trained Technicians 

Our technicians are Factory trained to Guarantee you the best repairs, the best service and again the best prices. No other company Guarantees anything, don't get less for more. Call us!!!

BEST Warranty

We are NOT just going to warranty the work we do like other places, we are going to GUARANTEE your appliance/heater/furnace/boiler/water heater ALL year, no questioned asked!!!

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Brand New Furnace & Boiler SPECIALS!!!

$ave Up To $300.00 Instantly With Our Professional Upgrade New Furnace or Boiler SPECIAL!!! Not only will you get expert advice, clarity and professional installation, but you will get the Grand Valley's ONLY  lifetime installation warranty, the ABSOLUTE BEST Prices & a new efficient worry free Furnace or Boiler. Our team of Factory Trained Installers will handle every step of the process to put your mind at ease. Need a Boiler or Furnace, we can get it done, typically in less than 48 hours. SAVE NOW!!! 

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Trouble with other HVAC companies in the Valley!!!

What we find troubling is the average heater/furnace repair cost (in a larger metropolitan area) is somewhere between $143.00 to $381.00 with the typical middle of the road cost being $251.00, YET, somehow here in the valley the average cost has sky rocketed to $366.00 If you're spending over $300 dollars on your Heater/Furnace repair, you better be getting a new motor or something significant like that... We will gladly provide you with a FREE second opinion!  A lot of technicians work on commission, we don't employ salesmen, we are Factory Trained Technicians and your money matters to us. ALL Work GUARANTEED!!!

We Service ALL Makes & Models

Factory Trained Technicians means you don't have to worry about if it's fixed correctly or not. We are EXPERTS with ALL Appliances.

Systems, Furnace/Heater/Boiler?

If you're looking to improving your homes heating, we can do that!

We can replace your existing Furnace/Heater/Boiler with a new state of the art system in one day!  

Same DAY Heating Repairs, Heating Service. BEST prices in town.

If what you REALLY just need is HEAT


Often people decide that its time to upgrade & improve their heating systems, but sometimes that decision takes planning, savings & time to make possible. More often than not, what someone really wants is HEAT, if you're cold, if your house is not heating up, if it's not time or possible to buy something new, let our experts fix your system TODAY.

(970) 462-2658

We proudly offer same day Heater Repair, Heater Service. We stand behind all our work, Furnace Repair, Furnace Service, Boiler Repair, Boiler Service!!!

ALL Heater Types, Gas, Electric, Heat Pump, Geothermal, Solar

We are passionate about the work we do & the customers we serve, so we take great pride in every aspect of our training, repair, service and industry knowledge. We don't want to just fix a "problem", but increase the performance and dependability of your furnace. 

How Can We Help YOU???

(970) 462-2658

Our Heater Services are far superior to other HVAC companies, it shows in the workmanship, training and dedication provided by our HVAC experts!!!

ALL Heaters, In The Attic, The Basement, Garage!!!

Get warm TODAY! We can get you back on the warm side of things today. our technicians are fast, reliable & accountable. We are NOT finished until you are satisfied. Call TODAY

(970) 462-2658

Our Expert Technicians Can preform "routine" Heater Services, Boiler Services, Furnace Services or Heater Repairs, Boiler Repairs, Furnace Repairs with same day service!!!

Every Type, Design & Creation

When its cold outside, what matters most is that you have HEAT inside. It doesn't matter the age, style, "type" of heating system you have, it's our job & our privilege to help keep YOU & your family warm. CALL TODAY (970)462-2658

Our technicians are heating and air experts, making us the best option for all your Grand Junction HVAC needs. 

Heat Pump's & MORE

Our Factory trained technicians are experts when it comes to all heating & air systems, we pride ourselves on not just "fixing the problem" but increasing the efficiency of your unit and the cost associated with your homes heating needs.  Heating service is one of many areas we specialize in.

Geothermal Systems

Our technicians can help you decide whats best for your home, your needs by thoroughly examining the efficiency of your home, it's construction, insulation, type, style, design & more. We are your trusted one stop for ALL HEATING needs!!

(970) 462-2658

Our guarantees ensure our heater services will exceed your expectations and whether its furnace service, heater and air (repair) boiler service, we have you covered.