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Heater Service Specialist! Same Day Heater Service! Best Cost Heater Service! Best Warranty Heater Service! Every Heater Service!

Professional Service Guaranteed!!!

As a Home Advisor Pro, our Factory Trained & Certified Technicians will not only give you the best, most trusted service & repairs, but the comfort of knowing you are dealing with Pre-Screened Professional Individuals each step of the way.

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Veteran Owned

We take great pride in everything we do and are experts at our jobs. We give the BEST rate, the BEST warranty and overall BEST service. Thanks in part to our leadership and factory trained technicians.

BEST Prices Guaranteed

We will beat ANYONE'S prices Guaranteed. Day, Night, Weekend, Holidays. We are often HALF the price of other companies in the Valley. Get the BEST prices Guaranteed.

Factory Trained Technicians

Our technicians are Factory trained to Guarantee you the best repairs, the best service and again the best prices. No other company Guarantees anything, don't get less for more. Call us!!!

BEST Warranty

We are NOT just going to warranty the work we do like other places, we are going to GUARANTEE your appliance/heater/furnace/boiler/water heater ALL year, no questioned asked!!!

Heater Service

We can service any unit, any age. Heater Service can be fixing and repairing a heater or servicing it for maximum efficiency. Always same day heater service available, Nights, Weekends, holidays we are here for all your Heater Service needs!!

(970) 462-2658

Your Heater Service Experts

Factory Trained & Certified Technicians means you get expert service with the industries best full coverage warranty. We are so confident in our ability to fix the problems right the first time, we will guarantee your heater service all winter long. 

(970) 462-2658

Heater Service SAVINGS!!!

We GUARANTEE to beat anyone's advertised prices. Typically we can do better, faster more efficient work for nearly half the price of other businesses. Call TODAY (970) 462-2658

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Heater Service

We work on ALL Heater, Commercial, Industrial, Residential... Same Day Service Unbeatable Prices Guaranteed!!! Call us for ALL your Heater Service Needs.

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"We were worried about our heater, after Tim serviced it and safely checked it from top to bottom, we now feel good about it. We plan to get a new one and will call when the time is right. Thanks so much" 

Julie Gilmore

Orchard Mesa CO

"Our biggest concern was the cost to fix our heater. We weren't able to buy a new one, so we shopped around and these guys helped us from the first phone call. We got our heater service done on a Saturday and the price was great." 

Jim P

Grand Junction CO

"We had two different companies come out last year to fix our heater but it continued to shut off at times for no reason. This year we called GJ Appliances and they fixed it and we have not had a problem with it since. Thanks"

Mel & Ken Grasser 

Fruita CO