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Heater Repair Specialist! Same Day Heater Repair! Best Cost Heater Repair! Best Warranty Heater Repair! Every Heater Repair!

Professional Service Guaranteed!!!

As a Home Advisor Pro, our Factory Trained & Certified Technicians will not only give you the best, most trusted service & repairs, but the comfort of knowing you are dealing with Pre-Screened Professional Individuals each step of the way.

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Veteran Owned

We take great pride in everything we do and are experts at our jobs. We give the BEST rate, the BEST warranty and overall BEST service. Thanks in part to our leadership and factory trained technicians. 

BEST Prices Guaranteed

We will beat ANYONE'S prices Guaranteed. Day, Night, Weekend, Holidays. We are often HALF the price of other companies in the Valley. Get the BEST prices Guaranteed.  

Factory Trained Technicians

Our technicians are Factory trained to Guarantee you the best repairs, the best service and again the best prices. No other company Guarantees anything, don't get less for more. Call us!!! 

Best Warranty

We are NOT just going to warranty the work we do like other places, we are going to GUARANTEE your appliance/heater/furnace/boiler/water heater ALL year, no questioned asked!!! 

What Makes Us The Best

Professional, Same Day, Affordable Service & Repair That Is GUARANTEED!!! 

Anytime Repairs. Day Or Night, Holidays Or Weekends You Can Count On GJ Appliances HVAC.

Best Prices, Best Service, Best Warranty. Factory Trained Technicians, ALL Work Fully Guaranteed!!! 

HVAC Excellence, 100% Satisfied Customers. ZERO Complaints. Continued Excellence. 

Constant Quality Improvements, Not Just Repair Training Excellence, But Customer Service Excellence As Well.

Expertise & Consumer Protection. Your Needs Met Through Service Excellence. & Audits.

All Work Is Guaranteed, Invoices & Repairs Routinely Audited To Ensure Customer Protection.

Affiliations & Partnerships To Ensure Continued Accountability & Professionalism.

We Expect More From Our Factory Certified Technicians, In Doing So We Ensure You Get Exactly What You're Promised!!! 

We Only Employ N.A.T.E. Certified Technicians. Your Guarantee That Excellence Is Our Main Priority. 

North American Technician Excellence Awards Are A Requirement For ALL Our Technicians!!!

100% Google Guaranteed. All Technicians & Work Fully Insured, Pre-Screened & Approved Repair Excellence. 

The Google Guarantee Is Your Additional Piece Of Mind Giving You 100$ Refund If You're Not Completely Satisfied!!! 

Heater Repair

Same Day Heater Repair. HVAC Experts, Factory Trained & Certified with vastly superior knowledge and expertise make us the best choice for all your heater repair needs. We offer the ONLY ALL Inclusive warranty (Guarantee) available, ensuring your heater repair call is done right the first time, on time EVERY TIME!!!

(970) 462-2658

EVERY Heater Repair

We service and repair every type, style, design, age, build, color, concept heater on the market. Whether it's a older unit in your crawl space, to a brand new unit in a closet, attic, or on the roof. Our Factory Trained & Certified Technicians CAN fix ANY Heater.  When you call for Heater Repair service, we make it our priority to address any and ALL concerns you may have, and ensure your system is running to it's maximum efficiency. 

(970) 462-2658

Heater Repair is one of our specialties, one of those things we take great pride in doing. Our heater repair knowledge is what makes us the best at what we do. Don't Call just anyone for your heater repair, call the best, get the BEST deal, get the BEST service, get the BEST warranty, Call your local Heater Repair Experts!!! (970) 462-2658

Heater Repair with a timely smile, when you call for heater repair, we are ready to respond, same day, nights, weekends, holidays we are your Heater Repair team. Get the very most out of your heater repair call today, Same Day Service  

(970) 462-2658

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Heater Repair

We work on ALL Heaters, Commercial, Industrial, Residential... Same Day Repairs Unbeatable Prices Guaranteed!!! Call us for ALL your Heater Repair Needs.

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"I was really surprised how affordable the repairs were. I expected it to be a lot more. Thanks for everything"

Joanna F

Palisade CO

"We were shocked someone was actually willing to come out in the middle of the night, great customer service."

Marlena Sui

Grand Junction CO

"My parents were told they had to get a new system. GJ Appliances came out, that wasn't the case problem solved, you guys ROCK!"

Joey L

Fruita CO